2015 All Around Champion

Jace Melvin

             2011 Bull Riding Champion

                        Chase Outlaw

           2012 Bull Riding Champion

                     Scottie Knapp

2016 All Around Champion

Lon Danley

This year marks our 11th annual memorial for Jesse and Mike. When the first memorial event was hosted in July of 2010, it was one of the toughest things that I had done. I had a PBR bull riding scheduled for that year, had all of my sponsors in place and was just finishing up details on the event.  Then, tragedy struck. I didn't think that I could go on, and had seriously thought I would have to cancel the bull riding. After a few weeks of not knowing which way to go, and after talking to some of my sponsors, we decided to make it happen. I can tell you that without the help of our family, some real close friends and sponsors that encouraged me to go on, this event would not of happened.

I'm thankful that we got that first one under our belt and have continued to make this a first class event for everyone involved, including sponsors, spectators and contestants! Because Jesse and Mike's names are attached to this event, I feel I must continue to strive to make this the very best that I can make it. Normally events of this caliber and size take 15 or 20 volunteers to make it run. I'm proud to say that with the help of my family, Ron and Licia Hillman, Gib Daugherty, Steve Clemonts, Cody McClain and David Randle we get er' done!

I would like to thank all of our sponsors that help us every year to keep this event going. I know that they don't do it because of me or anyone else--they do it for Jesse and Mike, and that makes me proud. A lot of sponsors really didn't know Jesse or Mike except for what they have heard about them. They were two outstanding young men, loving sons, brothers and good friends to so many.  These boys were always smiling and up to something! That's what we loved about them and what we miss the most.

Since day one of this event, proceeds have been turned into scholarships for New Mexico High School Rodeo seniors. Last year, we changed our program and are now keeping most of the proceeds in Roswell. Each year, we will select a civic or charity organization and make them the recipient of a check from the J & M Memorial Fund. This year we will be donating funds to JR Vezain who is a many time WNFR cotestant in the bareback riding and was injured at Pasadena, Tx in 2018. He is paralyzed from the waist down, but in the cowboy way continues to make huge strides in regaining his mobility. We also award the champion bull rider and saddle bronc rider of the Turquoise Circuit Finals Rodeo champion belt buckles.

Thank you for taking a moment to read about our event and get a small glimpse into the Jesse Andrus and Mike Hillman Memorial 2020. 

-Marc Andrus